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Marmore Water Falls


In Narnia's Land there is also  

Marmore Falls , with its astonishing beauty, comes into view as a roaring water column divided into 3 falls, covering a drop of 165 metres which wraps up the luxuriant vegetation into a cloud of white foam! The breath-taking scenery is the result of over two thousand years of work by the part of man who, from the beginning of the Roman period, tried to canalize the waters of the Velino river to them flow into the Nera river. Its history began in 271 b.Ch. , when the Roman consul Manlius Curios Dentato did a land reclamation of the Reatina Plain creating a channel of over 2 kilometres which ended at the edge of a cliff. In archaeological terms the traces left from the ancient people on the territory is testified from the numerous finds discovered during the centuries. The Falls has been seen during the centuries as one of the greatest phenomena of nature, the roaring head of water has been the main role in arts and literature becoming a place of many intellectuals who in the "grand tour" visited and Rome to study the classical period.  


This is our town Narni in Umbria

Narni was named Narnia from 299 B.C. till 1700 A.D.

in the last century industry make the difference.



In Italy no more plastic but Bio-Plastic from Mais


Bio Plastic

The Italian company  said the use of 400,000 of its biodegradable plates would amount to a reduction of carbon emissions of 8 tons. As a result, it said, Loreto will be an "environmentally lowimpact" event. This industry based at Narnia land in Italy in Umbria Region.



All this plastic are bio like many other plastic tools that they  are creating.
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in Italy we choose Narnia land for partecipate to Eco Young Summit in Kobe.
Narnia was the old latin name of Narni Town in Umbria region , the green heart of Italy.
In the last time Narni is an industrial district with many pollution, but we are try to do a new development in Turistic and Enviromental way. With Solar Energy and less pollution.
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