Brasília is the capital of Brazil, and it's where we live. Here are some turistic points:


The "Cathedral"


And the "Two Candangos"


The Tamar Project

One of the most famous projects in Brazil is the Tamar Project. The principal objective of the project is to preserve the turtles.

Here are some pictures of Tamar Project:






Flood in São Paulo city

Here is one video of an flood in São Paulo city.


Some Music Videos

Here are some music videos that I like and  they are exactly about the theme:

 If Everyone Cared - Nicleback:



Hey You - Madonna:


And my Favorite:

What I've Done - Linkin Park:




First Entry

I don't know exctly what say in my first entry. First I would like to thank my teacher Isabel to give me this opportunity. And thank my family and my friends that are happy to my as I am. I hope that I meet many people in Japan. Kisses and Hugs.