Gala Dinner

defaultdefault Having fun at Gala Dinner

defaultdefault Gustavo is a Minister/Kiyomi

defaultdefault Teachers and a French Friend (Claude)


Working Hard, Making new friends

defaultdefault The boys worked in groups defaultdefault They drew in the Art Mile Project and made new friends

Around the Hotel

defaultdefault The area around the hoteldefaultdefaultShin Kobe Station is a subway station close to our hotel

Becoming famous

defaultdefault This is the Youth Summint Program and the boys´ pictures and messages are there. They have little by little becoming celebrities as we were interviewed by a local newspaper on the day we exchanged gifts in The Brazil Japan Association in Kobe and today we were interviewed by the Japanese branch of Globo. Also the Kid´s press has interviewed Gustavo... Stars now...

Presentation day

defaultdefault In Kobe Art Center defaultdefaultworking in groups

defaultdefaultHaving dinner at the Kitano Club